Civic Space

The Civic Space programme was established to strengthen Nigeria's democracy by protecting, promoting, and nurturing the civic space and supporting key players within it.

Contributing to Safe and Inclusive Civic Participation In Nigeria

With support from the Federal Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO), the Yar’Adua Foundation is contributing to improved safety and inclusiveness of civic participation by:

        • Supporting the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) to carry out effective case management, tracking and documentation of human rights abuses.
      • Galvanizing Nigeria citizens and civil society to address the shrinking civic space, spearheaded by the Nigerian Civil Society Situation Room.

The Foundation redesigned the NHRC reporting platform to improve the effectiveness and judicial service delivery of the Commission. Citizens are encouraged to file reports using the link:

An extensive risk assessment identified subsisting and emerging threats to Nigeria’s online and offline civic spaces and provided recommendations for stakeholder action.

Download Reports:

Reclaiming Nigeria's Shrinking Online Space

Galvanizing Collective Action to Protect the Civic Space in Nigeria

Advocacy Campaign

Video vignettes and flashcards were deployed to stimulate collective action to protect the civic space and promote awareness of the NHRC platform to increase visibility of the Commission’s work. Social media campaigns engaged a wide audience on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram using #ProtectTheCivicSpace and #DefendYourRights.