Gender Justice

The Gender Justice Programme was established to foster a just and equitable society for all citizens in Nigeria by actively promoting gender equality and supporting the participation of women in public leadership, particularly in the areas of peace building and violence prevention.

The culture of sexual harassment in the work place and on university campuses poses a serious threat to the wellbeing and empowerment of young women in Nigeria. More...

Effective Participation of Women in Governance & Combating Gender Based Violence in Nigeria

As violent conflicts and humanitarian crises continue to ravage and hinder the overall well-being and prosperity of communities, women are most impacted.  They bear the brunt of conflict and pay a higher price of the devastation.

Gender discrimination and violence is further entrenched by the waning of gender-sensitive structures and programming. For instance, Kano, lacks any female representation in its state legislature and key positions of authority in Government.

Gender sensitive structures are designed to respond to the needs and interests of women and remove the roadblocks for women to achieve their potential while helping to reduce patriarchy in the system.

The Yar’Adua Foundation is implementing an initiative to promote the effective participation of women in the prevention of conflict and of violent extremism and combat gender-based violence in Nigeria by galvanizing national, subnational, traditional and religious stakeholders to implement relevant sections of the National Gender Policy as well as UN resolution 1325 on women, peace and security.